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Target Date Funds

Target date funds provide a straightforward approach to investing for people who want to invest in only one fund that is diversified across asset classes and investment styles. The date in a target date fund's name represents the year in which investors may likely begin withdrawing assets in retirement (which is assumed to be at age 65). The funds seek to gradually reduce market risk as the target date approaches and after it arrives by transitioning to less stock and more fixed income investments. The principal value is not guaranteed at any time, including at the target date.

For a complete listing of funds, please see the Investment Product Information sheet.

For a complete listing of Texa$aver fund fees, see the fund expense ratio sheet.

LifePath® Index Retirement Fund F

LifePath® Index 2020 Fund F

LifePath® Index 2025 Fund F

LifePath® Index 2030 Fund F

LifePath® Index 2035 Fund F

LifePath® Index 2040 Fund F

LifePath® Index 2045 Fund F

LifePath® Index 2050 Fund F

LifePath® Index 2055 Fund F

LifePath® Index 2060 Fund F

When you choose the fund options above, you can access links to fund fact sheets. You may also learn about the performance of Texa$aver's funds by reviewing the Fund Performance sheet.

Please consider the investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses carefully before investing. For this and other important information, you may obtain mutual fund prospectuses for registered investment options and/or disclosure documents from under "Investments" or by requesting one from your Texa$aver representative. For prospectuses related to investments in your Schwab PCRA, contact Schwab at (888) 393-7272. Read them carefully before investing.

Asset allocation investment options are subject to the risks of the underlying investments, which can be a mix of stocks/stock funds and bonds/bond funds. For more information, see the fund disclosure documents.

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